Comedian,Writer And Impersonator

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Hi! I’m a Comedian with a degree a degree in Philosphy from Pace University in NY.
Often referred to as a “stand-up philosopher” I enjoy making people laugh.
My first plan after college was to becom a lawyer, I realized that I enjoyed proving my point and
talking in front of people so much that stand up really was for me.

Currently, I perform all over as well as produce my own shows. My show “The Full Spectrum” has been doing very well in Manhattan and will soon be on tour. (Spectrum stands for: Social, Politcal, Economical, Cultural, Technological, Rhetorical, Universal Maxims).

My colleague Brett Siddell and I have created a pilot for TruTv’s annual contest entitled The Napkin Contract Show. We hope to place and become a part of their roster.